Debit Card VISA® Questions

  1. Why is Firstmark switching from MasterCard™ to VISA®?
    In an effort to continuously improve the products and services we offer to our members, the credit union made the decision to simplify our card offerings. VISA is the market leader in both debit and credit card usage and has wide acceptance both domestically and abroad.
  2. When will this change occur?
    We will begin issuing new debit cards in early May and will continue over several months until all members have received their new VISA debit cards.
  3. What kind of benefits come with VISA®?
    The new VISA debit card provides you with access to your money via ATM, point-of-sale and online purchases. All purchases with your card will be withdrawn from your account just as if you were to write a check or withdraw cash. VISA provides a security feature called Verified by VISA for online purchases, which makes online purchases more secure. Verified by VISA uses advanced technology to ensure payments are made by the rightful owner of the VISA account.
  4. If I have a MasterCard™ debit card, will my card number change?
    Yes, your debit card number will change, and you will need to update all recurring payments or stored debit card information (i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Redbox, etc.)
  5. Will my PIN # change?
    No, your PIN will NOT change. If you have set up a PIN, that PIN will transfer to your new card. You can change your PIN through the PIN Now service by calling 866.985.2273.
  6. Can I decline the VISA® and keep my MasterCard™?
    All debit cards will be converting to VISA. You may choose to decline to receive the new VISA debit card, but you will not have access to your account(s).
  7. Do I have to request a new VISA® card?
    No, you will automatically receive a new VISA debit card during the roll out period.
  8. What should I do once I receive my new card?
    Upon receipt, activate your debit card by calling 866.985.2273. You may also activate your debit card at any ATM with a PIN transaction such as an inquiry on your account balance.

    You will also have to update any Auto Pay accounts.
  9. How does this affect joint and authorized users?
    All authorized and joint users on the account will receive a replacement card prior to their expiration, which could be different.
  10. Are there costs or fees associated with replacing my MasterCard™ card with a new VISA® card?
    There is no fee associated with getting your new debit card. If in the future you need to replace a lost or stolen card, you will incur a replacement fee. Refer to the Fee Schedule for a list of current fees. To replace a lost or stolen card, call Member Care Center (MCC) at 210.442.0100 or visit a financial center near you.
  11. How long can I continue to use my Mastercard debit card?
    You may continue using your Mastercard debit card until you receive your new VISA replacement debit card. Activate and begin using your new VISA debit card upon receipt.
  12. Will I be without a card?
    If your address is not up to date in our system, you may not receive your new VISA debit card. Please contact us at 210.442.0100 to make certain we have your current contact information. You may also update your personal information in Online Banking.
  13. Will my account be affected?
    No changes will be made to any shares or loans you have with Firstmark.
  14. Are fees changing with this switch?
    No, all fees will remain the same. Premier Checking account holders who use the VISA debit card will continue to receive 10 cents for every signature based transaction.
  15. If my name is printed incorrectly on my new VISA debit card, who can I call to fix it?
    All names on your new VISA debit card should match the current name on your Mastercard debit card. If the name is incorrect on your new VISA debit card, please contact the Member Care Center at 210.442.0100 or visit a Financial Center for assistance.
  16. I signed up for Mastercard Alerts, do I have to sign up for VISA Alerts?
    Yes. The alerts are specific to each card number. Please visit to sign up for alert notifications with your new VISA card. You may also sign up through online banking.
  17. I have merchants that charge my Mastercard monthly. Will I have to notify those merchants?
    (Ex. Netflix, insurance companies, Amazon, Apple, utilities)
    Yes, you will have to contact all merchants with which you have automatic charges to your current card and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.
  18. Will I continue to receive cash back rewards?  
    Members will continue to receive cash back rewards on all Premier Club checking accounts. You will earn 10 cents for each transaction. All cash back rewards are awarded monthly.
  19. What if I am traveling and not available to receive my new card at my home address?
    Please call Member Care Center at 210.442.0100 or stop by any of our financial centers to extend the Mastercard debit card if you will not be at your home address during our new debit card deployment timeframe.
  20. My spouse/child/parent has not received the new VISA debit card. When will one be issued?
    New VISA debit card will be issued over several months beginning early May. Members who have not received a VISA debit card may stop by any financial center to have a card issued on site.
  21. If I lose my new VISA debit card or if it is stolen, will there be a replacement fee?
    Yes, there is a $5 replacement fee.