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5on Google,Mar 29, 2023


Ruby and Rose were very helpful and made this experience the most easiest painless one I’ve had!! Thank you very much for your help throughout this process you ladies are the best!!

5on Google,Mar 27, 2023


Absolutely great meeting ... very good.

5on Google,Mar 27, 2023


This bank is a top 10 . They help people when other banks won't. Thanks for taking care of me.

5on BirdEye,Mar 24, 2023


Sandra was very helpful and courteous.

3on Google,Mar 22, 2023


This location seems rather sparse as far as customers but, the staff is friendly. They need to be a little more aggressive in seeking customers. I bought a Nisan about 3 years ago and financed with dealer. RBFCU reached out to me and offered to refinance at a better rate. I have no account there. They reached out to me. I lowered my rate. First Mark Credit Union did no such thing. I know it can be done because a competitor did it. If they just get 1 person out if ever 50 they reach out to, that that measns more revenue for the bank. These new acquires might switch all their banking to you. You need to be competitive on rates and reach out to people. Been a long time member and you seem to not be as busy as once were. Three of your locations are at a crawl. I've had a CD for probably over 10 years and haven't really earned much. Seems you want to hold our money and it's really not a great investment place. I have made much more in another IRA place than the one you contracted with. Is it that the firm doesn't do well or that the managers of that furm that reside at First Mark are just not that good when it comes to making the Investment accounts grow?

5on BirdEye,Mar 22, 2023


I had an appointment and still had to wait about 10-15mins, other than that the service was great.

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 22, 2023


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5on Google,Mar 20, 2023

Yvonne Tejeda LPC PLLC

Excellent customer service!

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 20, 2023


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5on BirdEye,Mar 15, 2023


I had my first very good experience at Firstmark Credit Union when I opened an account there. The staff were very friendly and professional and the process was very easy and prompt.

5on Google,Mar 13, 2023


Excellent service!!

5on BirdEye,Mar 13, 2023


Excellent service!!

Recommendedon Facebook,Mar 11, 2023


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