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Members enrolled in Power of the Dollar® Checking provide a stream of resources to fund important initiatives that help create sustainability within our education community. If you have not yet enrolled, we invite you to join today, and together, we can create pathways that lead to better lives and stronger communities.


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2023-24 Education Grant Winners

Made Possible by Power of the Dollar® Members

Supporting Education

The Firstmark Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) Public Charity focused on giving back to the education community. Firstmark Credit Union, the Foundation, and Power of the Dollar® members have collectively given:


Education Grants
Since ’08


High Impact Grants
Since ’21


Since ’94

“I am thrilled that Firstmark is committed to giving funds to public school programs where it is needed most. So happy that Firstmark is able to vary the distribution of these beneficial funds to a wide variety of deserving programs!”

Eloise Bunger
Education Grant Committee Member

“I see the excitement in my students. Firstmark has really come through for us and if it weren’t for Firstmark we wouldn’t have been able to have our garden beds we have right now and our hydroponic growers!”

Cynthia Cuellar
Education Grant Winner

“Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for being awarded a Firstmark education grant for the smart reading pens to support my students in their reading. The smart pens have truly made a world of difference in my classroom!”

Shirley Tucker
Education Grant Winner