Fresh Ideas for Fun & Entertainment

Man watching TV with remote control in hand.

Are you looking for something different to stream tonight? Check out the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. They’ve pulled together some great options for entertainment while we continue to practice social distancing at home.

Music, fine arts, science, pop culture, literature and National Geographic are just some of the topics from which to choose. Here are three interesting choices from their Top-10 virtual concerts, movies, documentaries, and podcasts.

  • John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15th anniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco.
  • One Strange Rock, featuring Will Smith, takes you on a mind-bending, thrilling journey exploring the fragility and wonder of planet Earth. Stream it now!
  • Home Cooking is a podcast from Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway. They will help you figure out what to cook (and keep you company) during the quarantine.

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