1. What are Online Statements?

You can view your statement online through our web site 24/7 using a secure login. This is a totally secure means of accessing your account statement information and is available on the third business day of the month.

    Free Service to members
  • View your past 18 statements
  • View check images within your statement
  • Have an email alert sent when your statement is ready

2. How do I sign up for Online Statements?

Inside Online Banking, go to the View Online Statements link located under the Services section of the navigation menu. You will be provided the terms and conditions and must accept in order to receive online statements.

3. How do I view my Online Statements?

You may view your Online Statements inside Online Banking, go to the View Online Statements link located under the Services section of the navigation menu. You will be directed to your Online Statements.

4. Am I automatically signed up for Online Bill Pay when I sign-up for Online Statements?

No. You must sign up for Online Bill Pay.

5. Will I continue to receive paper statements after I sign-up for Online Statements?

No. Once you sign up for Online Statements, you will no longer receive paper statements. You may discontinue Online Statements at any time. Then you will begin to receive paper statements the following month.

6. If I decide to stop receiving Online Statements and want them to come through the mail again, will I have to pay for them?

Yes. After you discontinue Online Statements, we will automatically begin sending you paper statements for the following month, and we will begin applying the fee to your account.

7. What if I need to enter a new email address?

  • Log into Online or Mobile
  • Navigate to Services and select Statements
  • Then select the Person icon next to your member number
  • Select profile and update email
  • Also you must enter their email address and chose to receive alerts

8. If I decide to stop receiving Online Statements, will I still be able to view my Online Statement history online?

No. You will need to sign back up and opt out of paper statements. Once back on, your statement history for up to 18 months will be available.

9. How many months of Online Statements are kept in Firstmark Credit Union’s Online Statement system?

Once you have been registered for Online Statements for 18 months, you will have accumulated 18 monthly Online Statements in our system. You may view them at any time. We recommend that you save them to your computer, a disk/cd, or print them out and keep them so that you will have a history of statements from as far back as you would like

10. I’m a new member. How soon can I sign up for Online Statements?

You can sign up for Online Statements the same day of opening your account(s).

11. What if I sign up and don’t receive an Online Statement?

You will not receive your statements via email, just a notice letting you know your statement is available online. You must log in to online banking to view you statements.

12. If I sign-up for Online Statements in the middle or end of the month, will I receive an Online Statement for the month when I sign up?

Yes, unless the day you sign-up is on the 30th or 31st and those days fall late on a Friday afternoon or on a weekend. We will process Online Statements on the last weekday of the month so you receive them on time.

13. Why are Online Statements sent in PDF format?

Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format ensures that each member will be able to view their statement in a consistent manner. Due to the many different possible monitor settings, Online Statement data without PDF could wrap differently for each user, which is guaranteed to result in confusion when viewing the data. In order to ensure that the data lines up properly in columns under the appropriate headings, we use PDF as the delivery vehicle. HTML format would not provide the same level of consistency.

14. What days are included in the Online Statement cycle?

Online Statements will show monthly account activity through the last week day of each month. Example: If April 30th falls on Saturday, then your April Online Statement will show account activity for April 1st through April 29th. Your May statement will then show activity for April 30th through May 31st.