Teachers are creative, resourceful, and excited to bring new ideas, challenges, and opportunities for learning to their students. We are inspired by the passion you have for your work. We also understand that to deliver on that passion, you frequently pay for classroom projects and even basic supplies — out of your own pocket!

That’s why each year Firstmark provides fifteen (15), $500.00 Educator Grants. We want to support your vision to develop innovative learning experiences for your students.

Meet the 2020-2021 Educator Grant Recipients!

Bastrop ISD | Loretta Turner – Project Idea: Building an Audio Library

Brooks Academy | Juanita Salas – Project Idea: Headphones for students

East Central ISD | Kathleen Hoskins – Project Idea: Special Maps and posters for Multi-Sensory Learning

East Central ISD | Anna Silva – Project Idea: Read Woke Reading Challenge

Harlandale ISD | Leticia Campos – Project Idea: Classroom supplies to minimize sensory distractions for students

IDEA Public Schools | Abigail Baiza – Project Idea: MoPa Wellness Committee to support Pandemic survival 

Judson ISD | Cari White – Project Idea: Books to support English language learners

North East ISD | Rochelle Hans – Project Idea: Books for students

Northside ISD | Audrey Abell – Project Idea: Gardening supplies to develop Outdoor experiences

Northside ISD | Denise Larson – Project Idea: Headphones/earbuds/webcams for virtual learning

Northside ISD | Carolyn Mullins – Project Idea: Preparing for Real World Business plan competitions and trade shows

San Antonio ISD | Maria Hernandez – Project Idea: Percussion instruments for the classroom

San Antonio ISD | Cynthia Montalvo – Project Idea: Video camera and microphones for podcasts

San Antonio ISD | Karen Strykowski – Project Idea: Multicultural books

Southwest ISD | Bonnie Garza – Project Idea: Supply packages of Base -10 blocks, number grids and math manipulatives

Meet the 2019 – 2020 Educator Grant Recipients!

North East ISD | Elizabeth Schmidt – Project Idea: STEAM Rocketbooks

Northside ISD | Tiffany Biscaino – Project Idea: Student Book Club

Northside ISD | Elizabeth Buchanan – Project Idea: Project Sense Fence

Northside ISD | Celinda De La Fuente – Project Idea: Culturally Diverse Classroom Library

Northside ISD | Rebecca Folds – Project Idea: Solar Oven

Northside ISD | Denise Gatian – Project Idea: Sensory-based Learning Materials

Northside ISD | Suzy Holland – Project Idea: Breakout Boxes

Northside ISD | Denise Larson – Project Idea: SSR Library

Northside ISD | Marty Ortiz – Project Idea: Osmo Kits

Northside ISD | Carol Villarreal – Project Idea: Read Together for Success

San Antonio ISD | Brittany Rush – Project Idea: Classroom Library for Special Education Classroom

San Antonio ISD | Maria Tovar – Project Idea: PBIS – Positive Behavior Intervention Systems

Southwest ISD | Bonnie Garza -Project Idea: Authentic Spanish Literature

Southwest ISD | Carlos Perez – Project Idea: Balanced Bi-literary Classroom

Southwest ISD | Christopher Schmidt –  Project Idea: Beebots                                        

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