Since 1932, Firstmark has been a passionate champion of the education community. Education is ingrained in our roots, our membership, and our commitment to our communities. We were chartered as the San Antonio Teachers Credit Union by and for school employees 90 years ago.

Because our school employees make many personal sacrifices and investments in their scholars’ needs, it is our privilege to offer Firstmark Education Grants to eligible members. For the 2022-2023 school year, Firstmark distributed $20,000 among 20 grant recipients across twelve school districts.

Firstmark Foundation Awards $20,000 in 2022-2023

The Firstmark Foundation is pleased to announce the 20 recipients of the 2022-2023 Educator Grant Program. Education Grants are available for full-time, K-12 educators and support staff. Grants are awarded to fund innovative project ideas, including the materials necessary to successfully carry out the project.  To date, Firstmark Credit Union has awarded over $85,000 to support Education Grants.

Education Grant Winners – 2022-2023

CAST Tech HS, SAISD | Ramon Martinez | Project Idea: Physical Education Equipment

East Central ISD| Maureen Doebbler | Project Idea: Sculpture Service Projects

Edgewood ISD | Melissa Covarrubia | Project Idea: International Day of Women

Harlandale ISD | Peggy Trejo | Project Idea : Collier Eagle New Team

Harmony Public Schools | Chanel Ashley-Jones | Project Idea: Project Bench

La Vernia ISD | Shirley Tucker | Project Idea: Smart Pens for Smart Readers

Marion ISD | April Shelnutt | Project Idea: Operation Academic Enrichment

North East ISD | Karen Wilcox | Project Idea: Keeping the Beats and Hearts

North East ISD | Haley Crownover | Project Idea: Accessible Playground Equipment

Northside ISD | Adrianna Martinez | Project Idea: Look it Up!

Northside ISD | Rosemary Lara | Project Idea: Constructing, Connecting, and Lighting Through STEM

Northside ISD | Carey McCarthy | Project Idea: Picture Perfect

Northside ISD | Brooke Taliman | Project Idea: Coding and Robotics Galore

Northside ISD | Briana Garcia | Project Idea: ALE Sweet Treat Cart

San Antonio Preparatory School | Samantha Gillespie | Project Idea: Panther Spotting

Southside ISD | Tonya Bartlett | Project Idea: Books for Reluctant Readers

Southwest ISD | Cynthia Cuellar | Project Idea: Growing with Sustainability

Southwest ISD | Portia Matthews | Project Idea: Coach’s Compost Companeros

Southwest ISD | Susan Galvez | Project Idea: My Money don’t Jiggle

Southwest ISD | Nicole McCluskey | Project Idea: Grow for Change

2022-2023 Educator Grant Winners


Applications Open September 1, 2023- October 22, 2023

The application process for an Education Grant is open each year beginning September 1st. To qualify, you must hold a position in education where you interact with students directly (i.e., classroom teacher, librarian, counselor, child nutrition staff, custodial staff, campus social worker, transportation staff).

You must be a member of Firstmark Credit Union to be eligible for an Education Grant.

Not a member, yet? We invite you to join Firstmark today!

If selected, a Grant Agreement Form will need to be signed.  

2021-2022 Education Grant Winners


East Central ISD | Josephine Martinez Project Idea: Cool as Heck — with My Playaway ’round the Neck

Edgewood ISD | David Walker – Project Idea: Flexible seating

Judson ISD | Monica Cortez – Project Idea: Let’s Bring the Learning Outdoors

North East ISD | Michelle Waters – Project Idea: Simply Reading

Northside ISD | Carey McCarthy – Project Idea: Breaking News

Northside ISD | Dillon Gatian – Project Idea: Living History

Northside ISD | Erica Huerta – Project Idea: Building Leaders in Readers

Northside ISD | John M. Kliewer – Project: Homebound Haptics

Northside ISD | Juanita Tucker – Project Idea: SEL Peace Corner in all classrooms and public student areas

Northside ISD | Lauren Sanchez – Project Idea: Sensory Exploration Learning

Northside ISD | Michael Byrnes – Project Idea: Free Desk Project

Northside ISD | Rebecca Folds – Project Idea: Social and Emotional Learning

San Antonio ISD | Marcella Gutierrez – Project Idea: Steamy Hot Glass

South Side ISD | Tonya Bartlett – Project Idea: High Interest/Low Level Class Library

Southwest ISD | Cynthia Cuellar – Project Idea: Little Seeds Of Hope