Each year, 20 college-bound students will receive $1,000 to help cover the cost of higher education. This scholarship program was created to honor Frank Price Cunningham and Helen Shipman Cunningham’s long-standing and dedicated service to the credit union. To be eligible, students (or their parent/guardian) must be a Firstmark member in good standing.

Qualification Criteria

  • Scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors in the top 15% of their graduating class.
  • The funds can be used at any academically accredited two- or four-year college or university.
  • Five scholarships are reserved for students who plan to become a teacher.
  • Firstmark employees, Board Members and their families are not eligible.


  • Live Online Application: January 4 – March 2
  • Scholarship Application Review & Awardee Selection: March 7 – March 23
  • Scholarship Announcement: April 1
Become a Scholarship Reviewer

If you a Power of the Dollar or Power of the Dollar Plus account holder, we invite you to join us in the scholarship award process! We are looking for members who are interested in serving on our scholarship review committee to help decide where your Foundation contributions can make a positive impact.

Scholarship Review Committee Time Commitment:

1. March 7 – March 11:

Scholarship reviewers will receive and individually review and score their assigned scholarship applications.

2. March 11 (no later than 5pm):

Scores are due to the Firstmark Foundation & Education office.

3. March 24 (5:30 – 7:30pm):

Review Committee in-person meeting to discuss scores and make decisions on awardees.

Current Scholarship Winners

Anna Norwood
Samuel Clemens High School
Anneliese Martinez
Samuel V. Champion High School
Bianca Castillo
Johnson High School
Caroline McClaugherty
McMullen County High School
Cristian Flores
Dillard McCollum High School
Daniel Gonzalez
Central Catholic High School
David Bartels
Legacy of Educational Excellence High School
David Gonzales
Southwest High School
Hannah Verstuyft
Southwest High School
Isabella Aguilar
Harlandale High School
Jagger Slocume
Harlandale High School
Julian Sanchez
Highlands High School
Korson  Hastings
Winston Churchill High School
Matthew Anderson
Tom C. Clark High
Molly Tilton
Judson High School
Salvatore Ramirez
East Central High School
Sarah D’Spain
Boerne High School
Tandy Folsom
Smithson Valley High School
Theresa Mayorga
St. Anthony Catholic High School
Timothy Flores
South San Antonio High School