The Holdsworth Center

Holdsworth Center

The Firstmark Foundation pledged $100,000 to The Holdsworth Center to help scale their Superintendent Leadership Program (SLP). This unique program is designed to provide training and leadership development for superintendents who have served five years or less. The curriculum is tailored to address the most challenging aspects of the role, which includes leading with strategy and vision, enhancing communication, and building a high-performing executive team.

CAST Teach

Donation check presentation to CAST Teach

The Firstmark Foundation pledged $80,000 to CAST Teach to help support the school’s infrastructure costs toward constructing an innovative model classroom and a professional resource library. The area will be utilized for a teacher preparation program, which will provide a hands-on experience for high school students interest in the field of education.

CAST Schools Network

Cast Teach Doation

The Firstmark Foundation pledged $40,000 to the CAST Schools Network in support of their Teacher Residency Program. The program, which focuses on teacher recruitment and retention, provides a network of support, coaching, and mentorship to educators working toward their teaching certificate. The program also offers hands-on experience in a real classroom setting.