Rosemary Lara

STEM, otherwise known as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is a field in education that inspires students to challenge themselves, work as a team, and be as innovative as ever. When provided materials to excel, we empower students to thrive in STEM’s dynamic world of opportunity.

Rosemary Lara, educator at Henry Steubing Elementary, wanted to open avenues for her students to improve their team chemistry, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Thanks to Power of the Dollar® members, she was awarded a $1,000 grant in December 2022 for her “Constructing, Connecting, and Lighting through STEM” project, and turned her grant award into STEM materials necessary for a second-year program to continue to build upon its inventory!

Student working with lighting kit

Student working with STEM materials

“In my STEM curriculum, we have to touch on electrical engineering,” said Lara. “Part of my curriculum is to teach the design process, and so then I was like what can we make that has a circuit? What do we know in our community that have a circuit? And so let’s design something and construct that [with the STEM materials].”

Purchasing a GOBOX Pro, a 3Dux GOBOX Classroom Kit, and more, students have the tools they require to bring their ideas to life – and light their circuits! Enhancing their communication, collaborative and creative skills, students can construct an assortment of geometric forms, connectors, and LED lighting components, such as cars, houses … and even a McDonald’s! Brainstorming new structures and new designing techniques, students are thinking imaginatively and practically, but also, more importantly, having fun in learning!

“They are allowed to be creative,” she said. “I think it is a positive for them. I think they love it. I think they always know they’re going to come in here and do something that is not something they do in other classes!”

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