Carey McCarthy

Communications offers so many cabinets to to explore for students looking to pursue a career in this field. Whether they are looking to jump into broadcast journalism, media production, or learn the ropes of the digital world, communications is a platform for students to report on important issues while creating a vibrant exchange of ideas – and with the proper equipment, the sky is the limit!

Behind the scenes of “Picture Perfect”

Carey McCarthy, educator at Communications Arts High School, which is a magnet school located on the William Howard Taft High School campus, wanted her students to have the opportunity to operate professional-styled equipment in their journalism courses that would prepare them for future success – specifically in photojournalism. Thanks to Power of the Dollar® members, she was awarded a $1,000 grant for her “Picture Perfect” project and was able to provide her classroom(s) with the enhanced journalistic tools she was aiming to add!

Purchasing high-tech light kits, filters, lenses, and other necessary materials to making that picture oh so perfect, students use the gear in their day-to-day photojournalism operations to be as professional as possible. In their photojournalism efforts, they use the equipment to take better pictures for the yearbook, online news site, house a photo exhibit at the end of the school year, and various other photo-driven assignments. While using the equipment is getting them used to the idea of how they function, it is also aiding in their ability to properly light and stage the portraits.

It’s not just the pictures that are making waves with the equipment, but also via televised programs on the tube – the light kits are incorporated to generate the proper lighting when airing their televised news team. Performing the morning announcements, reporting on unique projects, and putting their skills to the test by exhibiting good poise and posture in front of the camera, students are enjoying the overall experience and are elevating their level of expertise each time they can use the new gadgets.

The equipment has made an instant impact in the school and is going to be a hit amongst the students for years to come!

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