Briana Garcia

Snacks are not only a great way to satisfy your cravings but can also be used as a great educational tool when shared with the entire school via a sweet treat cart. Enjoying hands-on activities and communication practices, a sweet treat cart allows students to have loads of fun while learning all at the same time!

Briana Garcia, alongside Hollie Sanchez, educators at Straus Middle School, saw this as a great opportunity for their students to build communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the understanding the value of teamwork and camaraderie. Thanks to Power of the Dollar® members, they were awarded a $1,000 grant in December 2022 for their “ALE Sweet Treat Cart” project and were able to purchase the resources need to bring their sweet treat cart to life!

Maverick Munchies Card

Students with Sweet Treat Cart

“We wanted to help them [students] learn everyday life skills such as counting money, communication with people, and practicing that in a fun, creative way,” Garcia said. “I think the impact has been great as far as the kids being able to practice their skills and just learning and growing from that experience. They were very excited about the project and they’re ready to do it even more!”

Coined as the “Maverick Munchies”, the mobile cart/store ran by the students travels all throughout Straus Middle School delivering a wide range of goodies from cake pops to sodas, and while using their communication and mathematic skills, they interact with teachers who’ve placed orders, work a cash register, and work to give them the correct change in return. Developing confidence and achieving goals, the students have loved every second of this new venture… and so has the rest of the school!

“I think it’s kind of built some independence with them,” Sanchez said. “A lot of our students were able to take the lead and say, ‘Ok, this is what I’m going to be in charge of,’ and they took it and ran with it. To be able to gain independence in something like this was a really cool thing to see!”

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