Adrianna Martinez

Dictionaries are resourceful in that they provide an avenue for students to learn definitions and how a word can be mean something else when used in a different context. They are also a great tool to build knowledge of spelling, synonyms, syllables, pronunciation, and developing reading comprehension.

Boy reading dictionary

Student working in dictionary

Adrianna Martinez, educator at Aue Elementary School, believes dictionaries are a key source to a child’s learning experience and helps catapult their communication and vocabulary skills. Thanks to Power of the Dollar® members, she was awarded $1,000 back in December 2022 for her “Look It Up!” project, and her students were given new and improved hardback dictionaries, which have successfully aided in their progression of English through in-class assessments and writing projects.

The dictionaries have been a hit since they’ve been refurbished at Aue Elementary. Assembling into teams, joyfully looking up words during class exercises, and taking pride in their schoolwork, students are excited to work with the dictionaries – so much so that it’s tough for them to put it down when moving on to the next class subject. Offering an array of possibilities for the students, the dictionaries have even inspired most to try and purchase one of their own to use at home!

When you’re excited about learning, it opens a world of possibilities for children. The dictionaries are making a huge impact, serving as gateways to boundless worlds of imagination, enriching their lives that extends far beyond the walls of their classroom, and they’re having tons of fun in the process!

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