Dear Teachers,

I want to begin by thanking you for your endless commitment and dedication to our students, and even more during this pandemic crisis! You have demonstrated amazing fortitude, selfless service, and an unrivaled passion. Through difficult circumstances, you have continued to deliver lessons, encourage families, feed students, and inspire a community!

As many of you know, our story began during the Great Depression, when ten teachers established a credit union to serve educators. San Antonio Teachers Credit Union (SATCU), the first state-chartered credit union in San Antonio, was born and would proudly serve members under that name for seventy years. In 2002, SATCU became Firstmark Credit Union, when membership qualifications were expanded to allow the opportunity to help more people better their lives through our relationship-based service. Today, we are 99,000 members strong, and I can only imagine the joy that would bring to our early educator founders!

Like our early founders, you face adversity head on without reservation and with great resourcefulness! You pour your heart into servanthood without any expectations in return. Your students and their families have seen your compassion and tenacity. You have modeled determination and provided stability, and your students will remember the gift you have given them—a timeless gift—the gift of your example in the face of undesired circumstances. One day, your students will be leaders in the community: teachers, nurses, restaurant owners, or grocery store managers; and when tough times come, as we know they always do, your students will demonstrate amazing fortitude, selfless service, and an unrivaled passion—just like you!

Our founding teachers would dare to move during a time many were frozen with uncertainty; they embraced hope and opportunity amid hardship. Eighty-eight years later, here we are, as strong as ever! Surely, they knew they would never fully realize the far-reaching impact of their bold pursuit; yet, they moved forward with no point of reference or guaranteed success. Just like them, you choose to sacrifice instant-gratification and patiently build a legacy, not only your own legacy, but the legacy of a city, a state, and a nation. Teachers watch students come and go, passing through each school year so quickly, but the love you share today is not bound by a school year. The labor of love you give so freely leaves a lasting impression in ways you cannot possibly know or imagine.

Teachers, you are special to us, and we are here for you! We hope that the monetary contributions Firstmark has made to the foundations of area school districts aptly expresses our deep appreciation for you. We hope that the bags we have donated to deliver student assignments and meals has helped relieve some of your burden. One thing is certain—we could never outgive a teacher! Thank you for making a difference in so many lives!


Nathanael Tarwasokono, President/CEO

A Special Message from the CEO