Ten Tips for Working from Home

Father Works On Laptop As Mother Helps Son With Homework On Kitchen Table

Under normal circumstances, working from home has its obvious perks — no commute time, relaxed dress code, and a flexible schedule. Of course, times are anything but normal right now. Companies around the globe have mandated remote work for their employees. Whether you a veteran of work from home or if you’re a newbie, these ten tips can help you get-set for success, maintain productivity and find work-life balance.

  1. Get the tools you need to work remotely. You’ll need a laptop, monitor, keyboard and a wireless mouse. Ensure that the technology works, especially if you’re going to VPN from home and test your WIFI and any online meeting apps you plan to use. 
  2. Set a dedicated work space. Find a place in your home where you can focus while working but still be able to walk away from at the end of your day. That means, try not to work from your bedroom. The goal is to end your work day and focus on yourself and/or family time. 
  3. Confirm expectations with your supervisor. How will your team stay connected? What are your priorities? Is there flexibility in managing your family’s needs?
  4. Stay connected with coworkers. Reach out by phone, email and messaging. 
  5. Create a work-from-home routine. Set a schedule and stick to it. Make sure your family knows when you’re not available.
  6. Dress for work. While jeans and a tee may be fine, it’s important to shift into the right mindset by getting ready for work each morning.  
  7. Get creative with kids. Coordinate with your child’s teachers and set up time for lessons, create a crafts corner, schedule reading and screen time and take a break with them if needed. These are hard times for everyone, including young children.
  8. Limit distractions. Consider noise-canceling headphones and avoid turning on the TV in your new workspace and avoid social media.
  9. Take breaks and use your time wisely. Give yourself time to take a breath. If that load of laundry needs to get done, try doing it on your break.
  10. Take care of yourself. Drink water, stand up and stretch and take breaks. You can easily review your calendar for meetings while you stretch your legs for a quick 5-minute walk.