Tell Us About Your Favorite Teacher

Do you know an amazing teacher? We want to hear your child’s stories about how their teacher has gone out of his/her way to help during the pandemic. Teachers are delivering art supplies in pizza boxes, holding one-on-one teaching lessons in driveways and helping high school students safely celebrate graduation. There are some extraordinary teachers out there and we want to recognize them in a broadcast commercial!

As a credit union for teachers, we want to show our educators how special they are to our families and how much we appreciate them—now more than ever!

Tips for Recording

  • For best results, please hold the phone horizontally when recording the video.
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting. (Outdoor video also works great!)
  • Smile and have fun!
  • Maximum upload file size is 50 MB.

What We Need from You (and Your Child)
In just one to two sentences, have your child answer any of the following questions. You may use your phone to record your child’s responses.

My name is ___ and I would like to recognize Ms./Mr. ___.

Please share a brief story that addresses at least one of the questions below:

  • My teacher went out of his/her way to help me learn from home by ___.
  • My teacher has helped me/my family by ___.
  • My teacher is a hero to me because ___.
  • What I miss most about my teachers is ___.
  • My teacher makes learning from home fun and interesting by ___.

Please conclude your video by saying “thank you” to your teacher!

Complete the form below and upload your video.

We will contact you with additional details after all submissions are reviewed.