24-Hour Automated Telephone Teller & Rate Line
Now keeping track of your finances is easier than ever. Just dial SmartCall, Firstmark Credit Union's 24-hour automated telephone teller and rate line, to check your account balance, find out what checks have cleared, transfer funds from one account to another, make an advance on your line of credit loan and more. It's available 24 hours a day from any touch tone telephone. To sign up, fill out the short application below. Download Application
How to Use The SmartCall Transaction Codes
  1. A touch-tone telephone must be used
  2. Dial (210) 366-2255 or Toll Free (888) 683-1211
  3. SmartCall will then present MENUS of information and transactions available. Enter the service desired
  4. Be sure to enter dollars and cents when requesting a transaction. For example, to transfer $5.00, enter 500, or for $500, enter 50000.
Greeting Menu
Activate a Card or Report a Lost or Stolen Card 1
Account Information (Enter Member Number Followed by the # Key, Enter Password and Secondary Password) 2
Open an Account or Apply for a Loan 3
Current Rates 4
Spanish 5
Main Menu
Transactions 1
Inquiries 2
Change Personal Identification 3
Different Member Number 4
Transaction Menu
Transfer Funds 1
Disburse Funds by Check 2
Inquiry Menu
Balances on all Accounts 1
Specific Account Inquiry 2
Will Read Balances on all Accounts
Account Information
Checking 1
Savings 2
Loan 3
Other 5
Checking Inquiry
Recent Transactions 1
Specific Transactions 2
Dividends 3
Balance 4
Share Inquiry
Recent Transaction 1
Specific Transactions 2
Balance 3
Recent Transaction 1
Last Payment Date or Amount 2
Next Payment Date or Amount 3
Payoff Amount 4
Balance or Available Credit 5
Specific Transactions
Withdrawals 1
Deposits 2
Pre-Authorized Debits 4
Specific Check Number or Amount 5