Safe Deposit Boxes are used to store any small item of value or important papers, which could be lost, misplaced or stolen. Ideas for safekeeping include items such as: birth certificates, deeds, immunization records, passports, savings bonds, and stocks. Safe Deposit Boxes provide a means for members to secure their valuables and feel good about their safety. Boxes can be rented to members 18 and over. Boxes are available in various sizes and for various fees.

General Information
  • Must be 18 and a primary member of the Credit Union to rent a box
  • No Joint owners are eligible to rent a box
  • Key deposit is $15.00
  • Safe Deposit boxes can be rented at our Mission, Culebra, Huebner, O'Connor and Legacy branches
  • Access to box only during lobby hours


  • Each box has two keys
  • Different sizes of boxes
  • Fire and water resistant
  • Automatic key and rental deposit


  • Legacy Branch - 2103 N. Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, Texas, 78232
  • Culebra Branch - 7218 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78251
  • Huebner Branch - 8960 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78240
  • Mission Branch - 1440 S.E. Military Dr., San Antonio, Texas 78214
  • O'Connor Branch - 11530 IH35 North San Antonio, Texas 78233
  • Monday - Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Safe Deposit Box Fee
Box Size Annual Rental Fee
3” x 5” $25
5” x 5” $35
3” x 10” $40
5” x 10” $50
10” x 10” $75
Key Deposit – $15 (All boxes are approximately 21 inches deep.) All fees are based on a 1 year rental, excluding key deposit. NCUA DOES NOT INSURE SAFE DEPOSIT CONTENTS