Did you know that over 90% of U.S. workers use direct deposit to receive their paychecks? It’s safe and convenient. No more paper checks or trips to the teller line. With Direct Deposit, you can avoid fees and access your money on payday. Cha-ching! 

Setting up your direct deposit is easy. 

  1. To set up your direct deposit, you can request an account information form at any Firstmark Financial Center or by phone at 210.442.0100. You can also complete the direct deposit form below and provide it to your payroll department. Every company/employer may do things differently and offer you the ability to update your direct deposit information through their own form or company portal.
  2. A financial center can provide a voided check if necessary.
  3. Submit the form to your payroll department or person. They can assist you with questions about your electronic paycheck and deposit dates.

You’re all set! Access your funds safely and conveniently with direct deposit! To manage your funds online, access digital banking from anywhere!