Firstmark and Central Catholic High School (CCHS) have a shared mission to better the lives of San Antonio families, support the education community and improve financial literacy.  To assist them with their mission, Firstmark has partnered with Central Catholic to offer an innovative pilot program designed to help up to 20 families with annual tuition costs.

  • Finance tuition cost over 12 month term
  • Set monthly payment with automatic payments
  • Low interest rate
  • CCHS will reimburse all interest paid by successfully completing a financial wellness program 

Tuition Loan Details

  • $10,000 max loan
  • Loan is payable directly to Central Catholic
  • 12 month term
  • 5% interest rate
  • Qualify for membership with Firstmark
  • Loan proceeds to be disbursed directly to Central Catholic High School as payee
  • Provide Statement or Invoice from CCHS with tuition due, net of any scholarships awarded
  • Subject to underwriting and loan approval, with income verification as required by underwriters
  • Execution of all required loan documentation

Please complete the form to begin the application process.