What is the number I use to send keywords?

Text Banking’s shortcode is 226563 (BANKME). This shortcode will only work if you have activated Text Banking to the mobile phone within the Online Banking system.

What is Text Banking?

Text Banking allows you to securely receive account balances, review account history, transfer funds between eligible accounts, and receive account alerts via any text-enabled phone.

How much of my transaction history can I see?

You can see your last 10 transactions by typing HIST first, then the account nickname.

Will I receive an activation code?

No. All activation steps occur within online banking platform.

Do I need to verify my phone?

Yes. Firstmark Credit Union ensures the security of mobile text messaging through the one-time step

How do I sign up and verify my phone?

Verifying your phone for Text Banking is quick and easy.

  • Log in to Online Banking and click on Text Enrollment, located under the Services tab on the left navigation menu.
  • When the Text Enrollment box appears. Select “On, enable and authorize text banking on the mobile device below” and enter the phone number of the phone on which you desire to use this service.
  • After reading the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of this service, click the box next to “Agree to Terms” and click the Save button.
  • Before you are able to access your accounts, you may need to configure them for use. Go to the “Alerts & Preferences” tab and then click “Account Preferences” then select the “Account” then select “SMS/Text”. Simply enable the SMS/Text Enrollment slider next to the accounts you desire to use. Type a display name for each account that will be enabled. This is how you will identify your accounts in the text messages. Display names can only be four characters long.
  • Put all enabled accounts in your desired order using numerical figures in the boxes under Order.
  • Below your accounts, you will see the Submit button. Click Submit once you have enabled all desired accounts.
  • You will receive a “Welcome to text banking” message via text message to the number you submitted.
  • Firstmark Credit Union’s new text banking number is 226563.

What are the keyword commands for Firstmark Credit Union’s Text Banking?

The keywords are listed below:

Text Banking Number 226563
Request account balance for all accounts BAL
Request account balance for specific account BAL <account nickname>
Request account history HIST<account nickname>
Transfer funds between accounts XFER <from account nickname><to account nickname><amount>
Receive a list of all commands LIST
Receive a list of contact points for information on text banking HELP
Stop all text messages to the mobile (for text banking and SMS alerts/notifications) STOP

Will Text Banking work on my phone?

Yes; as long as you have text messaging enabled with your mobile carrier, Text Banking will work on your phone. Please check with your mobile carrier if you are unsure. You will also need to enroll and verify your phone within our new, smarter online banking system.