Important Information about the VISA® Credit Card Conversion

Firstmark Credit Union® is always evaluating how we can better the lives of our members through high-value products and services.

As we work to enhance the financial well-being of our members, Firstmark has made the decision to utilize VISA® for all of our credit card products. This means you will be issued a new VISA credit card and credit card number. The new VISA card will REPLACE your MasterCard and/or old VISA credit card. Please thoroughly read the following information to ensure the uninterrupted use of your credit card.

I never received my card, what should I do?

  • If you have not received your new card, please visit one of our 15 convenient Firstmark Financial Centers for assistance.

How do I activate my new Firstmark ONE™ VISA credit card?

  • Activating your credit card is easu. Before peeling the orange sticker off your new card, dial the toll free number on the sticker to complete the activation process or call the number on the back of your card. You can also activate your card in Online Banking.
  • Our Member Contact Center is unable to activate your card. Please call the toll free number on your new card. Activating your credit card allows you to start using your card immediately.

Can I start using my new card right away?

  • Yes. Once you activate your new Firstmark ONE VISA, please begin using it for purchases moving forward and dispose of your old card.
  • Do not use your old Visa or MasterCard credit card after August 8, 2017 . Your transaction will be denied.

How do I register my card?

  • Registering your card allows you to view credit card activity.
    • To complete your registration, you will need to input your Name and Email.
    • Enter the email address that you used to originally register your old Mastercard or Visa. Once your email is verified, you can access your Account Profile to update as needed.
  • You may register your new Firstmark ONE™ VISA credit card from a desktop or laptop ONLY by logging onto Online Banking. Do not use your Firstmark mobile app to register your new card due to compatibility issues.

Can I still receive credit to my old credit card?

  • Yes. If you are expecting a credit to your old credit card, the credit amount that is owed to you will be transferred to your new VISA card.

Why do I see multiple credit cards in Online Banking?

  • When you activate your new card, you will have access to your old Firstmark credit card(s) (MasterCard or VISA) and your new Firstmark ONE™ VISA credit card.  Thus, you will see two card numbers in Online Banking. *NOTE: If you wish to access previous bank statements from your old credit card, do NOT delete your old card. Deleting the card from Online Banking will prevent you from accessing previous bank statements. Once deleted, this action cannot be undone.

Why did I receive a new Firstmark ONE™ credit card? 

  • Firstmark Credit Union executed a re-brand and card conversion to VISA. Your new VISA card has been mailed to you and your existing balance has been automatically transferred to your new Firstmark ONE™ VISA credit card.

What should I do with my old Firstmark credit card?

  • After you have activated your card, it is recommend that you securely dispose your card by shredding or destroying it.

Other helpful tips about our VISA conversion


  • If you use Bill Pay with us or through another financial institution to pay your credit card, you will need to update the account number. 
  • If you have any pre-authorized or recurring debits (health club, insurance, etc.) from your old Firstmark credit card(s), you will need to advise those merchants of your new VISA account number.