Debit and Credit Card Alerts

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Unauthorized ATM Card Skimmers

An unauthorized card skimmer was detected on an ATM at our O’Connor Financial Center. During our investigation, we found out that other financial centers may have also been affected. Securing our members’ financial information is very important to us and we deeply regret that this has occurred. All members who may have been potentially affected by this breach will be notified. Please know that we take this matter very seriously and we are actively working with local law enforcement authorities. If you suspect that your information may have been compromised, please call our Member Care Center at 210.442.0100 or visit the nearest financial center.

How Do I Protect Myself?
Firstmark offers courtesy debit and credit card alerts to help keep your financial information safe and may protect you from fraud.

When you enroll your card, you instantly begin receiving alerts notifying you when transactions are made to your account.

  • Receive alerts when large transactions are made
  • Receive alerts when a transaction is declined
  • Receive alerts when international purchases are made
  • Receive alerts when online or phone purchases are made without the physical card

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What Should I Look for When I Use a Card Reader?

Card skimming is on the rise in our community. Whether you use a credit or debit card to access funds or pay for services, there are several steps you can take to protect yourself from falling victim.

  1. Inspect the ATM, gas pump or credit card reader before using it.
  2. Pull on the card reader to see if it’s loose.
  3. If you see loose, crooked, damaged or adhesive/tape residue, move on. Do not use the gas pump or ATM machine.
  4. Use ATM machines inside financial institutions or retail locations.
  5. Look for wireless cameras or pinholes, which are likely to be located on cash dispensing covers.
  6. Check for key pad overlays or anything that is placed on top of the keypad that moves or looks unusual.
  7. ATM cases should be flat, not protruding.
  8. Report any suspicious activity immediately by notifying local authorities and the financial institution or retailer.
  9. Check your statements regularly and sign up for card alerts