Fee Schedule

General Fees 9/17. Fees are subject to change.
Product/Service Fee
Collection Items (Depending on Processing Method) $5 to $25/item
Fax Service (Outgoing—up to 3 pages)  
Local Number $2
Long Distance $5
Legal Notices/Court Order fee $25/occurrence
Check Cashing—(member)1 $2/check
Check Cashing—(non-member) $3/check
Check Returned to Credit Union $28
Pay-by-Phone via checking account $7.50
Pay-by-Phone via Debit or Credit Card $7.50
Statement Copy $3
Interim Statement of Account $3
Transfer of Funds from Savings to Checking Account
(in excess of 6 per month)
Wire Transfers  
Domestic (to a financial institution) $20
International (to a financial institution)2 $55
VISA® Gift Card $2.50
Cashier’s Checks  
Members $2
Non-members $10
Cancellation Fee $25
Photocopy of Paid Check/Deposit Reconstruction/Counter Withdrawals $3
Account Research (minimum 1 hour) $15/hr
Statement Reconciliation (minimum 1 hour)3 $15/hr
Closing an Account less than 6 Months Old $10
Insufficient Funds—Check/ACH/ATM/Debit/Credit Card4,5 $28
Stop Payment Order (must be in writing) $28
Stop Payment Renewal6 $28
Debit Card Replacement7 First 2 Free/$5
ATM Transaction Fee at a Firstmark C.U. Owned/Shared or Allpoint Network None
Non-Firstmark C.U. Owned/Shared ATM or Allpoint Network Transactions8 (Inquires, Withdrawals & Transfers are considered transactions.) $1
ATM Surcharge for Non-Firstmark C.U. Account Transactions $2.50
Coin Counting  
Members9,10 3%
Non-members 5%
Summer Savers/ Holiday Club Account Early Withdrawal $10
Overdraft Protection Fee4,9,11 $28/item
Paper Statement (switch to online stmts for no fee) $1.50 /mo.
Checking Account Fees
Product/Service Fee
Paper Statement (switch to online stmts for no fee) $1.50/mo.
Overdraft Protection Transfer from Loan Account
(in excess of 6 per month)
Premier Checking $7/mo.
Imaged Check Statement Fee12 $2/mo.
Temporary Checks First 8 Free
Each additional set of 8 $2
Personalized Checks13 Fee Varies
Lending Fees
Product/Service Fee
Small Dollar Personal Loan Fee $20
Home Equity Loan Modification14 $150
Home Equity Subordination Fee $200
Classroom Supply Loan Fee $10
Skip-A-Payment Fee $25/item
Educator Perks Skip-A-Payment Fee $20/item
Late Payment Fee $25
Credit Card Fees
Product/Service Fee
Credit Card Replacement $5
Special “Rush Order” (covers shipping) $20
Int'l Purchase, Credit Voucher and Cash Disbursement 1%per transaction
Return Check/ACH fee $25
Pay-by-Phone via member service $5
Late Payment Fee $25
Money Market/Checking Account Fees
Product/Service Fee
Withdrawals/Transfers (in excess of 6 per month) $5
Checks (in excess of 3 per month) $5
Safe Deposit Box Fee
Product/Service Fee
Box Size Annual Rental Fee
3” x 5” $25
5” x 5” $35
3” x 10” $40
5” x 10” $50
10” x 10” $75