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Credit Committee Report

The Credit Committee is appointed by the board of directors to regularly review credit union loan policies, ensure the safety and soundness of loan underwriting, and meet the membership’s credit needs.  The committee is also responsible for ensuring that credit union staff adheres to policies, for taking action on selected loan requests, and for overseeing the manner in which accounts are collected.

In 2014, Firstmark Credit Union successfully funded over $254 Million in new loans for our members, growing our loan portfolio by over $79 Million for the year.  During the year, we expanded our auto dealership network to allow members to finance with Firstmark at the dealership.  We enhanced our online loan application to make applying for loans online much easier, with the experience optimized to mobile phones, tablets, or computers. 

The Credit Committee is committed to protecting the assets of our members while maintaining Firstmark Credit Union as a trustworthy source of affordable credit.  We continually strive to improve our members’ financial well-being by providing tangible savings opportunities across all of our loan products.

Firstmark will continue to offer new, convenient solutions in line with our members’ goals, and our focus will remain on helping our members succeed financially by offering sound advice, quality service, and competitive rates.











Audit Committee Report

Appointed by the board of directors, the Audit Committee ensures that a comprehensive annual audit of the credit union’s books and affairs is conducted in accordance with established principles and commission rules.  The committee is also responsible for ensuring that credit union staff adheres to policies established by the board of directors and that a strong internal control system covering daily operations and financial reporting is in place.

In 2014, the committee retained the CPA firm of Fisher, Herbst & Kemble, P.C., to perform internal auditing procedures to verify compliance with state and national regulations; verify adherence to the credit union’s policies and procedures; and review controls over operations for adequate security. After it reviews the firm's reports and management’s responses, the committee addresses any issues in its monthly meetings.

The Committee additionally retained the CPA firm of Padgett Stratemann & Co. to conduct the annual independent audit of the statements of financial condition, related statements of income, changes in members’ equity, and cash flows for the period ending June 30, 2014. The findings indicate that Firstmark Credit Union is in good health, both financially and operationally. Members may request a copy of the auditor’s report and opinion by writing to Firstmark Credit Union, ATTN: Credit Union Documents, P.O. Box 701650, San Antonio, TX 78270-1650 or by phone (210) 442-0100.

The 2014 independent audit indicates the credit union is in good health, both financially and operationally.


Larry Wertheim

Gilbert Cremar
Board Appointed CPA Rep / Vice Chairperson 

Ronald Kyle
Member at Large 

Anthony Petri
Board Member

Matthew Ralph
Member at Large