Rebate Rewards Program Rules

  1. You will earn cash-back for every qualified retail purchase (see paragraph 3) you make with your Firstmark Credit Union Platinum Visa® card that appears on your monthly cardholder statement during the program period (December 1st through the November statement cycle) as provided for in these rules.

  2. Yearly Purchases Rebate Reward
    $1,000 and below 0.25%
    $1,001 - $2,000 0.50%
    $2,001 - $3,000 0.75%
    $3,001 and above 1.00%

  3. Your monthly cardholder statement will list your beginning rebate balance, month-to-date rebate earnings and ending rebate balance. The ending balance may include any cash-back credits.
  4. Qualified purchases do not include cash advances, convenience checks, and checks with statements or returns.
  5. Adjustments will be posted to your ending rebate balance total for retail purchase returns (credits) posted to your Visa® account.
  6. Rebate Reward credits are neither transferable nor exchangeable.
  7. Your account must be maintained in a positive status during the entire program period.
  8. Cardholders will automatically forfeit any earned Rebate Rewards if your account becomes two or more cycles delinquent or if your account is cancelled, terminated, delinquent or otherwise not available to use for charges at the time the Rebate Reward credits are posted each year.
  9. Firstmark Credit Union, at its own discretion, may modify suspend or cancel this Rebate Rewards program at any time without restriction or penalty.
  10. Cash-back credit may be forfeited due to violations of these rules. This program is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  11. The cardholder is responsible for any federal, state or local income tax or other taxes.